Why Lip Oils and Lip Balms Deserve a Permanent Spot in Your Beauty Routine

Lip oil vs. Lip Balm By Victoria Benitez

Lip care has been top of mind within the beauty community this past year. Moving into the new year, we’re going deeper. We’re breaking down how our lip oils and lip balms are the perfect skincare and makeup hybrid for your lips. Their beloved plant-based formulas deliver nourishing and hydrating properties. Our ingredient lists are simple yet rich in botanical oils that promise to deliver.

You’ll find our lip-loving ingredients are the answer to healthier-looking lips. Our lip care line isn’t your average product; it's lip care that goes deeper with formulas that look as good as they feel. Be ready to nourish your lips with botanical-infused care featuring moisturizing blends and a vibrant spectrum of high-pigmented colors. It’s what we like to call a treat for you and a treatment for your lips.

What’s the Difference Between Lip Oil and Lip Balm?

While lip oils and balms live in the same category, they perform drastically differently. Both are essential for lip care but differ in texture, purpose, and composition. The Lush Lip Tinted Oils are enriched with a nourishing botanical oil blend, plus a vegan Lanolin alternative and Shea Butter. The botanical oil blend is a custom creation of conditioning, soothing plant- based moisturizers. We offer these lip oils in four high-shine shades that provide a sheer tint of color, perfect for everyday wear.

Our lip balms are formulated with a buttery plant-based blend that melts onto the lips until the last swipe. Its thicker, hydrating texture moisturizes and protects the lips, creating a protective barrier with an SPF 15. While the lip oils provide a glossy appearance and deep hydration, lip balms focus on maintaining lip health. The choice between lip oil and lip balm depends on personal preference and lip care needs.

What is Lip Oil?

What is Lip Oil?

If you enjoy wearing something on the lips daily with instant glossy shine and deep hydration, consider reaching for a lip oil. Our tinted lip oils are dermatologist-developed with a plant-powered formula that includes a custom botanical oil blend, shea butter, and a lanolin alternative. The moisturizing oils provide a long-lasting, high-shine finish and leave you with a soft pout without the stickiness.

These vitamin-rich lip oils in four shades feature shea butter that provides antioxidants and high concentrations of essential vitamins. Its flexible and plush doe foot applicator ensures a seamless application every wear, allowing you to wear it solo or layer it over your favorite lip balm or lipstick. Each oil nourishes the lips with a sheer finish and has a hint of a refreshing natural peppermint scent. Apply on the go for a lip makeover or when your lips need a pick-me-up!

What is Lip Balm?

What is Lip Balm?

Lip balms can be nostalgic and often the rite of passage into one’s love for all things beauty. They'll forever be a staple in most beauty lovers' routines or at the bottom of many purses, rescuing lips throughout the day. Our Lip Butter Tinted Lip Balms SPF15 stand out amongst others and are better than your average lip balm with four universally flattering shades.

We consider these balms skincare for your lips as true multi-taskers offering SPF 15. Its plant-based blend of non-micronized Zinc provides physical protection from the sun with a perfect blend of care and color. This balm’s clean formula is like a nourishing blanket of hydration with plant-powered ingredients, including jojoba oil and raspberry seed oil—developed with soft and conditioned lips in mind because your pout deserves nothing less. We can’t blame you if you file this under your new favorite lip balm.

How to Layer Tinted Lip Oil and Lip Balm

Here at Well People, our perfect pout includes essential hydrating layers. For a customized lip look, you can quickly master the art of layering our tinted lip balms and tinted lip oils. Always begin with a base layer. We use our natural clear lip balm for a hydrated, clean canvas. Next, depending on how we want to mix and match our palettes, we use a second layer of tinted lip balm as a base color. This technique sets the foundation for a smooth and moisturized base.

Well People Foundation Stick

Next, you’re ready for a sweep of the tinted lip oil to enhance the lips with a glossy finish and highlight any pop of color. Don’t worry about messing up while mixing the two products; the lightweight nature of the lip oil will allow for a seamless blend. If you want to deepen or intensify the hue of color added, continue to layer on another coat of the tinted lip oil or become experimental by combining several shades. Mix and match while having fun with this powerful treatment, tint, and glossy all-in-one look!

Where Skincare Meets Makeup

Now you know why lip oils and lip balms are essential to your beauty arsenal. They’re the sisters you never knew you both needed. When in doubt, lip oils add that extra gloss and shine, while lip balms are sweet yet subtle and are there to protect and nurture. Together, they’ll quickly become a self-care favorite, and over time, you’ll notice the difference in your lip makeup routine.

You can mix and match with various universally flattering shades to create so many looks. From glass-like shine to sweet and shimmery lips, this collection of lip products will become your new favorite staples, just like from middle school, but all grown up. This time, your lips won’t need a trend to look this good! Mix and match while having fun with this powerful treatment, tint, and glossy all-in-one look!