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A New vision of Wellness


Wellness Step 1
EXPERIENCE a unique, whole-person self-evaluation.
Wellness Step 2
CREATE a dynamic, personalized Action Plan.
Wellness Step 5
SUSTAIN improvement with online tools and resources.
“Awesome program! Really easy and accessible.” — Kristie, New York

Certification Training

Develop coaching and facilitation skills for maximizing the Wellness Inventory program's effectiveness in improving people's personal and professional lives.
Sept. 15 - Dec. 15, 2015 - Tuesdays (7-9 ET)
Sept. 16 - Dec. 16, 2015 - Wednesdays (1-3 ET)

     Register by August 15, save $100-$200.

Become a Certified Wellness Inventory Coach!
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“foundational wellness tool” — Stanford Research Institute

Free Webinars

Register for one of our Free webinars! Learn about our whole person wellbeing model, experience a live demo of the Wellness Inventory, and learn about our coach certification training.
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interactive tools

Wellness Tool 1, Assessment Assessment - assess deeper levels of your wellbeing and motivations in all 12 dimensions.
Wellness Tool 2, Create Wellness Plan Action Plan - create and track action steps, and set reminders for continual progress.
Wellness Tool 4, My Virtual Wellness Coach Virtual Coach - learn how to identify priorities and create focused, successful action steps.
Wellness Tool 7, Wellness Progress Tracker Progress Tracker - measure your whole-person wellbeing as you continually improve.
Wellness Tool 3, Use Wellness Journal Wellness Journal - describe and monitor your experiences, goals, issues, progress, and new ideas.
Wellness Tool 5, Wellness Self Study Center Self Study Center - explore wellbeing practices to inspire more awareness and actions.
Wellness Tool 6, Wellness Resource Centers Wellness Resource Centers - learn more with free articles, exercises, and links to books, DVDs and CDs.

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