Makeup Brush FAQs

The short answer is “absolutely!” Before applying your makeup, equipping yourself with the best makeup brushes will make all the difference in achieving a flawless look. For instance, a flat, tapered brush is ideal for applying liquid foundation, while a big fluffy powder brush is best for setting your look with powder.

Additionally, you will want to choose high-quality, cruelty-free brushes that feel soft and smooth against your skin for the best application and experience.

There are so many different sizes and types of makeup brushes and tools out there, it can be overwhelming to know what you actually need in your arsenal for the perfect full-face makeup application every time. Start with these five must-have brushes, which will help you achieve an effortless application and smooth, stunning finish:

  • A tapered foundation brush is a must for applying and building coverage with your liquid foundation tinted moisturizer.

  • A fluffy domed buffing brush is ideal for applying and blending liquid and cream products into an airbrushed finish.

  • A small flat concealer brush with bristles lets you conceal small imperfections and blur out undereye circles with precision.

  • A rounded all-over eyeshadow brush allows you to apply sweeping color to your lids, highlight your eyes, and blend out your look.

  • A tapered lip brush lets you flawlessly brush on and blend your favorite lip makeup.

Makeup brush versus beauty sponge? It is all about the makeup look you are trying to achieve.

Makeup brushes are perfect for applying face powders (foundations, blushes, and highlighters) and eye shadows. With soft, fluffy bristles and so many different shapes and sizes available, reach for a makeup brush when you want to smoothly and evenly disperse makeup, then blend and buff your look to perfection.

A sponge is able to pick up and absorb more product, making it ideal for applying and blending liquid and cream formulas. By bouncing and dabbing the sponge across desired areas of the face, it is easy to create a sheer, natural finish that lasts.

Thanks to the kabuki brush’s unique rounded shape and densely packed bristles, this makeup brush is ideal for applying, buffing, and blending your favorite face makeup over large areas of your face. With its compact design, it’s easy to create buildable, even coverage with powder, cream, and liquid face products, including foundation, blush, and bronzer.

Just dip the soft, absorbent bristles into your makeup, tap off excess product, and sweep makeup over desired areas of your face in circular motions for a seamless finish.

Yes! We are committed to protecting animal life, so we have never used animal material in our products or brushes. Our pro-quality vegan makeup brushes are crafted with 100% synthetic Taklon nylon hair, meaning they are also cruelty-free. You can rest assured that when you are applying makeup and creating your favorite looks, you are being kind to our animal friends and planet.