Authentic, premium quality, plant-based ingredients

To us, it’s pretty simple: if a cosmetic ingredient is deemed potentially harmful or even seems questionable, we just won’t use it. Instead, we rely on the power of plants and botanicals to create non-toxic formulas that are lightweight, long lasting, and support skin health for years to come.


Natural cosmetics that outperform their toxic competition

We believe that luxury isn’t based on arbitrary prices and empty promises, but on product quality and authenticity. Our cosmetics are expertly crafted with nutrient-rich beneficial ingredients like green tea, turmeric, pomegranate, rosehip, and broccoli seed oil. Each one is carefully selected and tested by W3LL PEOPLE green beauty pros for purity and efficacy.


Hybrid products that deliver cosmetic results and skincare benefits all-in-one.

Our makeup is skincare in disguise. Every single one of our products prioritizes the wellbeing of your skin first. When you wear W3LL PEOPLE, you’re not only getting radiant coverage that defines and highlights your complexion, you’re also getting active botanical formulas that hydrate, nourish, and boost skin health.


Less is more.

We believe a few hardworking makeup staples can do a lot more for skin than overwhelming it with a long list of products and ingredients. We go back to the basics when we formulate our products and rely on responsibly-sourced ingredients derived from nature to act as the foundation of all of our products. Makeup should highlight your complexion– not hide it– and a minimal approach when it comes to ingredients is how we make it happen.


People, Press and Pros can’t get enough.

When it comes to product efficacy, we let our community of clean beauty lovers do the talking. From award-winning products to a loyal fanbase of 13 years and counting and a cult following of makeup artists to influencers alike, we’re proud to be pioneers of clean beauty for so many.


Makeup with nothing to hide.

To us, ingredient transparency is everything. That’s why we partnered with the Environmental Working Group back in 2016 to get our EWG-verified stamp of approval. Each and every one of our products has been rigorously vetted by the EWG and all have been deemed completely non-toxic, free of any concerning chemicals and are safe for your body and sustainable for the planet.


Triple threat: veteran makeup pro, wellness visionary and cosmetic dermatologist.

Three brains are better than one, especially when they include expertise in artistry, social responsibility and state-of-the-art science in one chic, yet conscious package. As such, the W3LL PEOPLE founding Beauty “Dream Team” is equipped to conceive, design and produce the best cosmetics in the world. Our multi-disciplinary approach produces unusually effective products that don’t compromise on performance or health. Truly, W3LL PEOPLE represents the future. #BEW3LL