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Our Story

You’ve heard “wellness” many times. Where did it start?

Best kept secret: we’re innovators of today’s wellness movement. Our results-driven approach is based on the innovative work of wellness visionary, John Travis, MD, MPH. Featured in media, including 60 Minutes and the New York Times, he founded the first wellness center in the United States in 1975. Currently utilized in university curricula and embraced by health professionals, Dr. Travis’ pioneering work made him a founding father of what is known today as the wellness movement.

WellPeople has adapted Dr. Travis' work with updated information and created the Wellness Inventory online software platform. This interactive experience is the only program that has exclusive rights to Dr. Travis’ foundational wellness work. In short, together, we wrote the book for today’s whole-person approach to wellbeing, and you can benefit through personal and professional use of the program.
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WellPeople develops whole person wellbeing including 12 dimensions of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. We provide a transformative solution for personal use, workplace wellness, hospitals, colleges, spas, wellness centers, and wellness coaches, with proven results. Now, we’re rolling out to the broader workplace market and to more organizations.

Our flagship product, the Wellness Inventory, provides an unprecedented life-balance program for motivating behavior and lifestyle change to achieve optimal living. Our management training and employee engagement programs help workplaces achieve high participation and lower healthcare costs, in addition to higher employee performance and satisfaction. We go beyond traditional HRAs and EAPs, but we can also integrate with these existing programs to provide a comprehensive, cohesive and turn-key wellness solution.

Deep content and resources help motivate and educate participants unlike any other program on the market. We improve the program every year, based on participant's resulting behavior and feedback, as well as input from our clients. The program continuously improves to stay ahead of trends.

The Wellness Inventory Certification Training (www.CertifyWellness.com) is a dynamic, process-oriented course that creates competence in delivering the Wellness Inventory program to individual and organizational clients.

The Wellness Coach Network provides access to Certified Wellness Inventory Coaches for individuals, as well as companies and organizations.

WellPeople is a division of HealthWorld Online (www.healthy.net), the world's first Internet network for wellness, healthy living, and integrative medicine. Rich in diverse complementary and alternative health and wellness content, Healthy.net provides access to expert healthy lifestyle articles, resources, and services.


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University program based on the Wellness Inventory receives American College Health Association award for innovation in student Wellness.
"a foundational wellness tool"
Stanford Research Institute

What is the new vision?

  • Illness-Wellness Continuum
  • Iceberg Model of Health
  • Wellness Energy System

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    Become a Certified Wellness Inventory Coach or Facilitator. Learn to effectively use the Wellness Inventory whole person assessment and life balance program with clients, patients, employees, and students. Learn our unique wellness coaching skill-set for supporting continual improvement.

    Approved transition program for national certification of health and wellness coaches.

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