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Free Webinars

We offer two live webinars for professionals:
  • Creating Wellbeing for Your Clients (focus on Wellness Inventory program)
  • Becoming a Wellness Coach (focus on our Certification Training)
We also offer two on-demand webinars (mp4 videos):
  • Whole-Person Wellbeing for the Workplace
  • Enhancing Student Wellbeing: Using Wellness Inventory in College Curriculum
Learn more about each webinar and register below.

WEBINAR: Creating Wellbeing for Your Clients

For: Health, Wellness and Life Coaches, Wellness and Health Professionals, Educators, Wellness-Oriented Businesses (Spas, health clubs, wellness centers)

The webinar will introduce you to our newly launched 3.0 Version of our Wellness Inventory whole person wellbeing program with a Live Tour of the user experience. You'll see how deeper awareness can be transformed into ongoing lifestyle change. We will focus on how our foundational whole-person approach can:

  • Align with your business model and mission.
  • Deepen client's self-responsibility for their personal wellbeing.
  • Support their journey with continuous, sustained improvement.
Learn more about our Fall Certification Trainings starting Sept. 15 and 16.

Wednesday Sept. 2, 2015: 2-3 ET (1 CT, 12 MT, 11 PT)  Register for Free Wellness Inventory Webinar

Presenter: Jim Strohecker, President, WellPeople

Questions? Contact jim@wellpeople.com or call 310-823-9553.

WEBINAR: Becoming a Wellness Coach: The Wellness Inventory Certification Training

For: Wellness and Health Professionals, Coaches (Health, Wellness, Life), Educators, Wellness-Oriented Businesses (Spas, health clubs, wellness centers)

Learn more about the journey to heightened personal wellbeing that takes place during our Wellness Inventory Certification Training, simultaneous with learning our dynamic whole person model, being trained as a competent wellness coach and developing expertise in utilizing our Wellness Inventory program with your clients.

Thursday September 3, 2015: 7-8 ET (6 CT, 5 MT, 4 PT)  Register for Free Wellness Inventory Webinar

Presenter: Jim Strohecker, President, WellPeople - Co-creator, Wellness Inventory Certification Training

Questions? Contact jim@wellpeople.com or call 310-823-9553.

WEBINAR: Whole-Person Wellbeing for the Workplace

If you're an HR professional, wellness director or coordinator, or small business owner with at least ten full-time employees, this is for you.

  • Employers will see how a fresh and deeper approach to self-managing wellbeing can produce better results for any person with online access. Large organizations can see aggregate reports specific to locations and departments.
  • Wellness Inventory is a strategic framework into which all wellness-related initiatives can be cohesively organized and tracked by participants.
  • The program promotes self-responsibility and self-management for wellbeing. It's an ongoing process (12-month subscription) to check-in and continually improve behaviors and lifestyle choices for personal AND professional wellbeing.
  • The program is also a powerful coaching tool for those who select group or personal coaching. The program was co-designed by coaches with over 30 years experience.
To many people, it's common sense to have a healthy, engaged workforce. Better performance, less absenteeism, lower healthcare costs. It's also a practical reality: investing in wellbeing is smart business for the bottom line, proven by numerous studies for diverse wellness initiatives. Towers Watson found that programs with earnest support averaged 28% higher shareholder return and 11% more revenue per employee.

See why the Wellness Inventory will be effective for your workplace, large enterprise or small business. Learn how the program will boost job engagement with improved wellbeing. The webinar is one hour.

Request link to On-Demand Workplace Wellness Webinar   Register for Free Wellness Inventory Webinar

Presenter: Ken Grimsley, VP Business Development, Certified WI Coach

Questions? Contact ken@wellpeople.com

WEBINAR: Enhancing Student Wellbeing - Integrating the Wellness Inventory in College Curriculum

For: College educators, Deans, Student Wellness Directors, Student Affairs Professionals, Student Wellness Directors, College Administrators

In the spirit of the American College Health Association's Healthy Campus 2020 initiative, the Wellness Inventory may be used by colleges and universities to promote of culture of wellbeing on campus.

One of the most powerful applications of the Wellness Inventory is to integrate it into the curriculum of college health and wellness classes, as well as in medical and nursing schools. Students learn internal self-management skills that can support a higher level of wellbeing and performance in their college experience and in later life.

The Wellness Inventory may also be utilized to promote student wellness or for faculty/staff wellness programs to support a campus-wide culture of wellbeing.

To Request Link to On-Demand Student Wellness Webinar: Contact Jim Strohecker at jim@wellpeople.com or call 310-823-9553.

Presenter: Jim Strohecker, President, WellPeople



Join us for a FREE webinar about the Wellness
Inventory experience! For employers and
wellness professionals. We also cover our
acclaimed Certification Training.
Register for Free Wellness Webinar


University program based on the Wellness Inventory receives American College Health Association award for innovation in student Wellness.
"a foundational wellness tool"
Stanford Research Institute

What is the new vision?

  • Illness-Wellness Continuum
  • Iceberg Model of Health
  • Wellness Energy System

    Certification Training

    April 29 - July 29, 2015 - Wed (7-9 ET)
    Sept. 15 - Dec. 15, 2015 - Tue (7-9 ET)
    Sept. 16 - Dec. 16, 2015 - Wed (1-3 ET)
    Be trained to utilize the pioneering Wellness Inventory whole person assessment and life-balance program with clients, patients, and employees. Learn our unique coaching skill-set to maximize the program's effectiveness in creating change.

    Continuing education/credentialing opportunities.

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