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Wellness Inventory Certification Training

Become a Certified Wellness Inventory Coach or Facilitator

Winter Certification Class Started Feb. 21
Late Registration open until Feb. 26.

One of the original wellness coach training programs, our Certification Training is based on our dynamic whole person model, the Wellness Energy System (12 dimensions of wellness), our pioneering Wellness Inventory program, and an innovative approach to wellness facilitation and wellness coaching.

Praised by Stanford Research Institute as "a foundational wellness tool," the Wellness Inventory supports sustainable improvement in our lives, resulting in a higher level of personal wellbeing, work/life balance, and an enhanced capacity for optimal living.

Our Training takes place in two levels. Level I is 14 weeks. Level II is 7 weeks. Both are delivered in a live, interactive, highly participatory webinar-style format. Completing the Level I & II provides the credential, Certified Wellness Inventory Coach.

We are an ICHWC-approved program and our graduates are eligible to sit for the exam to become a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach.

Wellness Inventory
"Wellness Inventory goes deeper to the
core of what it means to be human."
Virginia Schoenfeld, MPH, PhD
Commander, US Navy (IRR)


Winter 2018 Classes
Feb. 21 - May 23 | Wednesdays 1-3 ET
April 3 - July 3 | Tuesdays 7-9 ET
Payment Plan: 4 monthly payments of $375
Group Discounts: Group discounts available. For rates contact: jim@wellPeople.com

Veteran's Discount: We offer a 15% discount to US military veterans. Contact us for the discount code. (15% off full tuition when there are no earlybird discounts. If there are earlybird discount, then 15% or the earlybird discount, whichever is greater.)

International Students: We have trained professionals from 35 countries and welcome international students. Our Wednesday daytime class can accommodate students in Europe, Africa and the Middle East (Classes are in the evening.). Our Tuesday night class takes place Wednesday morning in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Check World Time Server to determine the correct times for your country.

National Certification: The Wellness Inventory Certification Training (Levels I & II) is an ICHWC-Approved Transition Program. Successful graduates meet the eligibility requirements (for the Transition Phase) to sit for the HWC Certifying Examination required for health & wellness coaches to become National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC).

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Our Level I Certification Training is 14 weeks. The training is a dynamic, live webinar-style course that you can take in the comfort of your own home or office. The training includes a live, weekly 2-hour class with a rich curriculum and in-class discussion, weekly buddy coaching sessions, awareness exercises focusing on the 12 dimensions of wellness, extensive support material, and a written proficiency portfolio.

The training is a vibrant, highly interactive learning experience, both personally and professionally, and creates an environment that encourages high levels of participation and live discussion. All classes are saved as mp4 videos for later review.

Wellness Energy System (Wellness Wheel) & Holographic Growth Process

The Wellness Inventory is an online assessment and life-balance program that focuses on the whole person in the key 12 dimensions wellness of the Wellness Energy System developed by wellness innovator, Dr. John Travis. The training helps you gain proficiency in using this model, represented by the 12-part Wellness Wheel, with clients.

"Anyone who wants to support themselves or others in moving towards wellness will benefit from this training.”

Kendall Ritz, MD

You will also experience ongoing exploration of the wellness energy system as a dynamic hologram of 12 interdependent dimensions, each of which impacts the other dimensions, and also impacts the whole person. We will also explore the wheel as an organizing principle for working with individuals, groups, workshops, and organizations.

The process of working with the Wellness Wheel helps to develop greater coherence in your personal life. With these new insights, you’ll learn how to use the Holographic Growth Process in your coaching to facilitate greater self-responsibility, coherence and wellbeing in your clients' lives.


Wellness Inventory Program - A Foundational Wellness Tool

The Level I training also focuses on increasing your knowledge and proficiency utilizing the key elements of the Wellness Inventory on both the client (user) side and administrative side of the program in the Level I Training. On the client side, you will gain greater insight into the key elements of the program:

  • Whole Person Assessment
  • Wellness and Motivation Scores
  • My Action Plan
  • Email Reminders
  • Progress Tracker
  • My Wellness Journal
  • Wellbeing Study Center
  • 12 Resource Centers

"A foundational tool for wellness development."

Stanford Research Institute


We focus on creating personalized wellness action plans in the context of "change readiness" (Six Stages of Change), and use an approach of small steps for continual improvement. This approach leads to a higher rate of success as it is oriented toward the areas that are most meaningful to the client and are most motivated to improve.

You will learn basic coaching skills or how to strategically use your existing coaching skills to maximize the effectiveness of the Wellness Inventory in helping your clients achieve their goals.

From a business perspective, you learn strategies for using the Wellness Inventory to:

  • Create a wellness dimension in your practice or business,
  • Develop a framework for ongoing wellness coaching,
  • Build your practice or business and increase client engagement,
  • Leverage your skill-sets and experience to create new opportunities, and
  • Work with individuals, groups and organizations

You will also learn strategies for using the Wellness Inventory as an organizing principle for implementing wellness programs in various markets - workplace wellness, healthcare, college curriculum, faith communities, community wellness, and spas.


REPLAY Webinar - Creating Wellbeing: Professional Applications of the Wellness Inventory

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"I am leaving the course a transformed person!
The training is phenomenal."

Buddy Ann Ross, RN, BSN, MS


This includes strategies for integrating the Wellness Inventory, coaching, and workshops to support creating a "culture of wellness" in organizations, and to foster a positive outcome for participants.

Designation upon completion of Level I: Certified Wellness Inventory Facilitator



The Holographic Coaching Practicum is a 7-week training offered to Level I graduates who want to hone and deepen their coaching skills using the Holographic Growth Process as well as the Coaching Core Competencies as outlined by the International Coach Federation. The training is delivered via live phone teleconferencing.

Course Fee: $795

See more on Level I & II packages under "Fees & Payment Plans" below.



Winter 2018 Classes
Feb. 14-March 28 | Wednesdays 7-9 ET

For more information on the Holographic Coaching Practicum: http://wellpeople.com/pdf/practicum.pdf

Designation upon completing Level II: Certified Wellness Inventory Coach.



Whether you are new to coaching or an experienced coach, you'll learn how to maximize the effectiveness of the Wellness Inventory for helping your clients or employees achieve their goals. There are two levels of Certification:

Certified Facilitator: Graduates of the 14 week Level 1 Certification Training are designated as a Certified Wellness Inventory Facilitator. This prepares you to deliver the Wellness Inventory program to your clients, patients or employees and to begin coaching individuals. Our Level I training is 28 hours.

Certified Coach: Graduates who then complete our 7 week Holographic Coaching Practicum (Level II) are designated a Certified Wellness Inventory Coach. This training deepens your coaching core competencies and takes your professional coaching skills to the new level. Our Level II training is 14 hours.


  • Wellness, Health & Life Coaches
  • Wellness Professionals
  • Nurses & Nurse Practitioners
  • Physicians
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Holistic Health Professionals
  • Health Educators
  • Social Workers & Counselors
  • Therapists & Psychologists
  • Fitness Trainers & Nutritionists
  • Spa & Hospitality Professionals
  • Yoga Teachers
  • College Educators
  • Student Wellness Coordinators
  • Wellness Coordinators & HR
  • EAP Professionals
  • Organizational Consultants
  • Faith Leaders
  • Law Enforcement/First Responders
  • Military Resiliency Trainers


Level I - Wellness Inventory Certification Training: $1,495

Level I & Level II Package: $2,290

Pay in full and save $100 - only $2,190.


Level I Training: Four monthly payments of $375

Level I / Level II Package: Four monthly payments of $572.50

Form of payment: Credit card, PayPal, checks.

REGISTRATION: Register Online or contact Jim Strohecker or call at 310-823-9553



National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

The Wellness Inventory Certification Training (Levels I & II) is an ICHWC-Approved Transition Program. National Consortium for Credentialing Health & Wellness Coaches Successful graduates meet the eligibility requirements (for the Transition Phase) to sit for the HWC Certifying Examination required for health & wellness coaches to become National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC).

Board Certified Coach Credential (BCC): The two levels of the Certification Training are approved for 42 hours towards the Board Certified Coach credential (BCC) from the Center for Credentialing and Education, through our relationship with the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT). Our Certification Training is offered as part of ILCT's Wellness Coach Specialist track. To receive the credit for BCC hours you must register for the training through the Institute for Life Coach Training.

International Coach Federation (ACC and PCC): Receive 42 hours for our Level I / Level II training if you are pursuing the ACC credential through the Institute for Life Coach Training's ACTP program. Or, you can receive 42 hours of electives towards the PCC credential through ILCT's ACTP program.

Wellness Coaching Specialist Certificate: The 42 hours of training may also be applied towards the Institute for Life Coach Training's Wellness Coaching Specialist certificate as well as towards their ACTP coach certification which prepares you for ICF certification.

Continuing Education

Board Certified Coach Credential (BCC): Receive 42 continuing education credits for to renew your BCC credential, if you register for the training through the Institute for Life Coach Training. Board Certified Coaches are required to complete 70 hours of continuing education credit every 5 years.

Addictions Counselors and other Behavioral Health Professionals: NAADAC (National Association of Addictions Counselors) provides continuing education credits for various behavioral health professional fields. Check with your state board to see if they accept CEUs from NAADAC. If they accept NAADAC CEUs, you can receive CEUs through our relationship with the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT). Our Certification Training is offered as part of ILCT's Wellness Coach Specialist track. To receive the CEUs you must register for the training through the Institute for Life Coach Training


Wellness Inventory Certification Training, speaker Jim Strohecker is an e-health pioneer, author, speaker, wellness educator, and CEO/co-founder of HealthWorld Online (WellPeople). He was the co-creator of the first major online network focused on alternative health and wellness, Healthy.net (www.healthy.net), launched over 20 years ago. Jim is the co-creator of the online Wellness Inventory program and the highly regarded Wellness Inventory Certification Training. With over 35 years of experience in the fields of human potential, wellness and holistic health, he has been a leader in the wellness revolution via training, publishing and the Internet media. Co-author of five books, he was executive editor of the influential Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, and is publisher of Healthy Update, a weekly e-newsletter on wellness, mindfulness, and integrative health, now in its 20th year.

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Tennessee in anthropology, his interests have taken him from archeological expeditions to Mayan ruins in the Yucatan to years of intensive study of yoga and meditation in India. Jim has served on numerous boards, including the President's Advisory Council for Bastyr University, the Board of Trustees of the American University of Complementary Medicine and the Institute of Natural Medicine, and the advisory boards of Nourish America and the Academy for Guided Imagery.

In 2016 he received the Circle of Leadership Award from the National Wellness Institute for outstanding contributions to the field of wellness. Jim lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife of 28 years, Nancy.

Wellness Inventory Certification Traning Marilena Minucci, MS, CHC, BCC, Director of Training for HealthWorld Online, integrates best practices from over 25 years experience in counseling, wellness coaching and training in the areas of personal growth and development, nutrition, health, energy psychology, as well as marketing and management. Author of Quantum Coaching Questions (2013), Marilena is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) with a Specialty in Wellness Coaching by the Center for Credentialing & Education, and is a Certified Wellness Inventory Coach. She holds degrees in psychology and journalism from New York University and completed her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology at the State University of New York.

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This fascinating, in-depth interview with Certification Training co-creators, Jim Strohecker and the late Bobbie Burdett, focuses on our foundational, whole-person wellness philosophy, Wellness Inventory program, wellness coaching method, holographic growth process, and Certification Training.

Bobbie was a co-creator of the first wellness center in the US in 1975 with Wellness Inventory creator, John Travis, MD, MPH.


West Virginia University receives American College Health Association award for innovation in student wellness for their "Enhancing Wellbeing" program based on the Wellness Inventory. View more

American College Health Association


For information on the Certification Training, please contact:

James Strohecker
HealthWorld Online

Wellness Wheel

Register for wellness certification training


"The Wellness Inventory goes deeper to the core of what it means to be human. I found the Certification Training to be the most comprehensive and in-depth approach to coaching in the market today. I highly recommend it."

Virginia Schoenfeld, MPH, PhD
Commander, US Navy (IRR)
Wellness Vibrations Consulting
Co-Founder, The B.R.E.A.T.H. Center

"The field of medicine taught me how to take care of others. This course taught me how to take care of myself so that I can be better at serving others."

Usha Tatini, MD

"I don’t think it is possible to take this course and not be impacted or transformed. The invitations to grow, learn, stretch, be heartfull, are so numerous as to result in unavoidable growth opportunities."

David Quigley PHR, M.S.W.
Director Service Excellence
McKee Medical Center, Loveland, Co.

"This was the best, most comprehensive, useful training I have ever taken. Hands down the best learning environment for health professionals or anyone who wants to be healthy and to enhance the joy in their lives while doing their work."

Eileen Manglass, LCSW

"The Wellness Inventory training is more than a certification – it opens a path to living in a way most individuals have not considered. I can honestly say I experienced a transformation on many levels in this 14 week course."

Shannon Foster
Health Education Specialist
Live Learn Community Specialist
West Virginia University

“I have unexpectedly grown as a person during this course. I am more open to learning new concepts; I have a greater understanding of why people stay in a bad place although they desire change. I have a greater ability and skill set allowing me to come alongside a person and help them achieve their dreams, while encouraging them to live in the moment of everyday life, thriving and living life to the fullest.”

Officer Kimberley McGivern
Indianapolis Metropolitan police Department
Office of Professional Development and Police Wellness

"I learned more about how to stay well in this 14 week training then I did in four years of medical school."

Michele Gourley, MD, MPH
Director of Faith-Based and Community Partnerships
Tennessee Department of Health

“Empower yourself to take charge of your health.... The Wellness Inventory is the best place to start to create a solid and informed foundation that will lead to a positive transformation of your health.”

COL (R) Jill Chambers, US Army

"I have grown emotionally and intellectually as a result of taking the training, which has been beneficial to both my personal and professional life. I could not have predicted how this would seep into the different facets of my life when I began. I like how it has influenced me in many ways."

Nancy Conway
Director Complementary Medicine
Aurora Health Care

“Anyone who wants to support themselves or others in moving towards wellness would benefit from taking this training.”

Kendall Ritz, MD

"This course is packed with information that has been life changing for me. There isn’t a wasted second. It’s the most organized and well-presented course I’ve ever taken. If someone applies him or her self, in “learning mode”, the rewards will be personally and professionally huge. For me, this course was worth every penny I invested in it and then some."

Ann Eidson, Captain (Ret) US Navy, Ordained Minister

“This training is an excellent opportunity to develop into the person that you always knew you were, but perhaps didn’t know how to be. If you didn’t know who you were you will learn who you are, and the process is lifelong. Wellness is the new paradigm.”

Gwendolyn D. Buchanan, MS

"The Wellness Inventory training is a strong and enjoyable foundation for starting and completing one’s journey to holistic well-being. At the same time, it offers a very practical way of learning how to coach others meaningfully on all the dimensions of wellness."

Marco Escareal, MD, CWWC
Wellness Coach
Manila, Philippines

"The Wellness Inventory program provides a holistic approach to Wellness that will lead you on a personal development journey and also help you help others on their own journey."

D. Angie Gust

"This training is a means of self-exploration and a path to discovery. A profound experience which makes you feel transformed at the end. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to embark on a journey of wellness and wellbeing."

Dr. Urvashi Naithani

"It can result in a total paradigm shift in your coaching approach in a wonderfully significant way. You’ll also get good coaching practice, increase your own awareness, and grow personally. The content is very helpful and enlightening. The teachers are wonderful and the class is very organized. You’ll also get access to some really helpful online tools and a TON of valuable resources and recommended readings."

Dean Lee

"This is a transformative life-changing experience. It is particularly useful for people who have been on the personal growth and self-healing journey and who have investigated many modalities. The Wellness Wheel brings it all together into an understandable framework. The course shows you through experience that the wheel has the potential to keep taking you deeper and into a fuller, richer way of being in the world."

Christine Lacedra, RN, BSN

"If you want to move forward in being the person you dream about being and to which you believe God is calling you, and if you want to improve in knowledge and skills for helping others to be more of what they dream about being and to which God is calling them, then get involved in the Wellness Inventory training for helpful knowledge and new skills for that purpose."

Retired Pastor, Rev. Judith Bucklin

"It is a training which is not only applicable to be used while coaching somebody for wellness but it is also a valuable tool for ourselves to improve our own wellness and wellbeing. It is so insightful and a very practical tool to use. I would say it is a compact tool to be more well in all the aspects of wellbeing."

Dr. Sonam Oshoe

"Whether you're working in private practice, a corporate wellness program, hospital, or community setting, this training will be an essential tool to help clearly evaluate not only the effectiveness of a wellness program, but the depth of commitment, understanding, and integration of wellness principles that will accompany you for a lifetime."

Meg Jordan, PhD, RN
Dept. Chair, Professor, Integrative Health Studies
California Institute of Integral Studies

“Even if you’ve been a wellness practitioner for a long time, you’ll learn new concepts related to wellbeing and new tools to use to apply them. For someone new to wellness, it’s a great introduction and will enhance awareness in all aspects of life.”

Colleen Harshbarger
Director of Wellness and Health Promotion
West Virginia University

"As a clergy woman in The United Methodist Church, I am incorporating what I learned into teaching, conversations, sermons and counseling. (I'm even asking people to breath deeply before we begin a meeting or service, etc). What excites me is being able to use the Wellness Inventory to promote a culture of wellness in the local church....whole-person wellness...mind, body, and spirit. We are called to be good stewards...of our earth and its’ resources and our selves. I hope to continue to raise awareness in the United a Methodist Church district and conference wide as well as build my own wholistic coaching business. This stuff is awesome.”

Rev. Karen MacDuff
United Methodist Clergy, Florida Conference
Self-Care Coach, Living Well

"I want to help make a difference in lives of others and needed a coaching program that would provide me with the knowledge, skills and hands on training to accomplish this goal. The Wellness Inventory Program has done this and more. To think, I was searching for a coaching program to help others and I became aware of how to help myself."

Thalia Lindquist

"The Wellness Inventory is truly a gift that keeps on giving!"

Rangdi Vollero

"I communicate to others the value of the Wellness Inventory as a support to their personal goal setting process, and to increase their awareness, knowledge, skills about the achievement of wellness."

Deborah Wilcox, Ph.D.
Confluency Consultants
Multicultural Organizational Development Services

“The Wellness Inventory is a rich tool for building and maintaining awareness around a whole person model of wellbeing. The class in extremely well organized and the instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and accessible. The instructors really made us feel like a connected caring group through the phone every week. The longevity of this tool has proven it's staying power in the field of wellness. It is not a gimmick, it is a well proven and used program for building personal well being and improved health in all areas of life.”

Amy Trezona RN

"This program goes beyond the traditional concept of Wellness just relating to our physical health and taps into our what inspires and motivates us to make changes that are attainable and sustainable which creates a true quality of Well Being."

Kimberly Casson
Whole Person Wellness Coach

"This training turned out to be doubly worth my investment. Not only was I given great resources and training for coaching others, it began with great work within me. I am a better person after this training. It encouraged growth already begun in me before the course and the results were exponential. The resources are vast and the expertise of the instructors is terrific. They teach warmly, humbly but with authority based in knowing we can trust the process."

Terri Shannon-Renfro
Doctor of Naturopathic Ministry and Traditional Naturopath (unlicensed)

“This training is a game changer and paradigm shifter!”

W. Lee Shane,
Certified Wellness Inventory Facilitator and Coach
Nova Scotia, Canada

"Regardless of where you are in your own path and pursuit for wellbeing in your professional and personal life, you are guaranteed to benefit from the training. The opportunity is there to increase your knowledge, enhance you experience, and benefit from the guidance from Jim and Bobbie. You will network with like-minded professionals for a rewarding experience and wellness journey."

Jeri Apple, MSW, LCSW, LMFT
Owner/Founder; The Apple Approach to Health & Wellbeing

“I think wellness is 'the new holism'. It reaches way beyond holism though, in that it's a consciousness raising process and has so much potential to improve society and the way people are treated and treat each other. It's wonderful work to be part of and I thank you and Bobbie for opening our eyes to it.”

Dr. Pauline McCabe
Course Coordinator OHTH2142 Wellness and Lifestyle
Wellness Group, RMIT School of Health Sciences
Bundoora, Victoria, Australia

“Excellent training for enhancing individual understanding of wellness - that it is “a conscious choice” and that everything we do whether physical, mental or spiritual will influence our state of wellness either positively or negatively. However, when we know better - we do better - if we choose to. Also, great learning opportunity to learn Wellness Coaching skills and practice how to utilize them in your coaching practice.”

COL Lucretia McClenney, USA (Ret)

“Every choice we make in every area of our lives affects our health and well-being. In addition, our choices profoundly affect those we love and are in regular contact with. The single most powerful gift we can give ourselves and those we love is to focus on increasing our health. I have never found a more effective tool and process than the Wellness Inventory training.

Multiple Grammy and CMA Nominee, Michael Peterson

"From the coaching classes I have taken thus far this has been the most valuable and the one that I have learned the most in. Thank you so much for your generosity with materials and for your willingness to prepare us to become awesome coaches!"

Psychologist and Coach

“This is a life changing, transformational program that can enhance your wellbeing, relationships, meaning, and purpose in life. There are many resources, tools and techniques to help you along the way. I would not hesitate to recommend this tool for anyone wanting to make a positive, lasting change in their life.”

Sandra Donati
Federal government employee

"This program reinforced my belief that Wellness is a choice. And, with every choice we make in one aspect of our lives, we impact every other aspect of our life. It also reinforced that we are all creative, resourceful and whole – a wonderful message to carry us all forward in life – for ourselves and for our clients."

Luanne Dube’ Paynick
Director of Creative Design at VoicePro®

“It is a very complete, practical and deep framework to use for both personal and professional wellness, and will have lasting effects on yourself and your clients.”

Deana Cuming
Wellness Consultant
Wellness of Woden, Australia

“The trainers of this program deeply understand the transformative power of small steps toward well-being when held within the framework of personal meaning and multi-dimensional wellness. The two-course series offers in-depth study and experience of the framework, the process, and the skills to effect positive change for oneself, one’s clients, and for the health care system itself. I highly recommend it!"

Carolyn A., PhD, RN, AHN-BC

“No matter where you are on your journey of wellness, the Wellness Inventory is a tool that can help deepen one’s own understanding of self and take you to the next level. Discovering what is it you want and need in your life and allowing yourself to ‘own’ it is life changing. Utilizing the Kaizen approach to change allows you to take a deep breath and exhale with relief with an understanding that the joy is found in the process of small changes and it is continual, and you now have these tools for your lifetime.”

Anna Adesanya
Jivan Wellness

"This program has truly changed my life. The Wellness Inventory itself is user-friendly, clear, and comprehensive. The tremendous thing was working with the likes of Bobbie and Jim - people of such intelligence, compassion, and integrity. They embody their principles; they create an atmosphere conducive to profound change. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and example."

Emily Browder
Voice Wellness

"I highly recommend the Wellness Inventory Assessment Training to professional coaches who want to expand their client offerings as well as acquire an array of new coaching skills. You will learn how to increase your client's awareness and as an added bonus, you have an opportunity to improve your wellness status."

Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC
Professional Certified Coach Health & Wellness Coach
Life Strategist
ICF Ethics & Standards Committee Member

“I came to the course expecting to learn tools and techniques needed to help others but never anticipated the profound personal growth I experienced during the process. This course changed my view of wellness to an inside out process where self exploration and small sustainable changes transform one’s understanding and ability to create the life they are meant to live. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is serious about helping themselves or others improve their overall health and wellness.”

James Rosati, Naturopath & Director
Geneva Ridge Spa and Wellness Center

“I wanted to write and let you both know how much I loved the Wellness class. Truly, the greatest learning and growth came step by step, week by week, here a little, there a little. I am healthier, stronger and more alive because of the intensive submersion into this vast and captivating curriculum. So many new perspectives and ideas have emerged. I have a higher vantage point and clearer eyes to see realities I only sensed were there. Thank you so much!”

Janna Ames BA, CPCC, ACC
Prime Perspectives Life Coaching Colorado

"The courses on The Wellness Inventory provide the tools and training necessary to be a masterful coach. I experienced an in-depth look at the Inventory, my coaching, and myself. Everything I expected and more."

June O. Bond, Ed.D., PCC
DreamCatchers Life Coaching

"A healthy coach who understands the holographic process presented in the Wellness Inventory can change the world through coaching. In this course, I gained insight into my own lifestyle, found excitement in understanding change, and deepened my learning about how to achieve high quality of life. I definitely will bring a refreshed outlook to my clients."

Barbara Carnal
Wellness Coaching Specialist

"The awareness gained in this course is a great reminder that well living is about daily practice no matter where you are in the journey of your life."

Mary Witherall
Director of Focus Living Center

"As a physician, I see people all of the time who need this type of work, but do not know where to get it. This program allows health professionals of all types gain knowledge of how to approach true wellness. In addition, the experience of going through the coaching itself is crucial to understanding what you are providing to your clients. It also magnifies your own strengths and challenges so that you can be the best provider of wellness for your clients. It is truly a blessing that I was able to experience this! It is already adding so much value to my practice and career as well as my own personal life. Thank you Jim and Bobbie!!!!"

Maiysha Clairborne, MD
Atlanta, GA

"The Wellness Inventory Certification is valuable tool for both personal and professional development. It is a comprehensive and educational experience that gave me a new insight into my own wellness journey and how I may better serve the needs of my clients. The class structure and supplemental reading are superbly presented."

Philip Bergman ACSM, M.A.
Washington, D.C.

"The Wellness Inventory Certification Training was a wonderful experience. The resources were great, and Bobbie and Jim did an excellent job of facilitating our process. I believe this is an invaluable tool for any health practitioner desiring to make positive changes in their patients' lives. I know this will only enhance the work I do with my patients."

Wanda J. Bedinghaus, MD
Classical Homeopathy

"I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the training program. It's a very beneficial program for a wide range of lay people and professionals. Even though I have been involved in self-care and healing for many years now, I was able to explore new layers. The 12 dimensions of wellness are organized and represented eloquently. I look forward to this new tool facilitating my client's wellness as well as my continued exploration of wellness."

Barbara Denison ARNP, AHN-BC
(Advanced Holistic Nurse - Board Certified)
Holistic Nursing Consultants, Wichita, KS

"This has been a wonderful experience as a student and as someone who will use this with my clients. Both Bobbie and Jim have a wealth of knowledge that they share in an enthusiastic and free manner. It is clear that they love this topic and are passionate about building a community of people who are going to utilize the Wellness Inventory in many different ways. Every person in the class was interesting and brought something very special to each class. It has been to true joy!"

Lisa Guida
Mental Wellness Coach

"I found the training to be an exceptional experience both academically and personally. The teachers, readings, class participation and coaching sessions not only provided information and skills training, but more importantly, supported integration of the material leading to attitudinal, perceptual and personal transformation. This class not only assists the coach in the coaching process but l also helps the participant in their own personal wellness journey."

Betsy Buselli, PhD, RN

"The Wellness Inventory Certification Training is phenomenal. It is a great course for every health care provider, because it allows for deep exploration into your own aspects of wellness, so that you have more to offer clients. The course is a terrific organizational framework for wellness. As a nurse and traditional naturopathic student, I thought I knew a lot about wellness coming into the course. I quickly realized I had a lot to learn! I am leaving the course a transformed person!"

Buddy Ann Ross, RN, BSN, MS
Naturopathic Nurse, Reiki Master
Wadsworth, OH

"This is the real McCoy of wellness. The authentic definition of wellness: in its practice and life skills and respect for life, the individual, and the whole. That which we all know, and have forgotten, and now gently reminded of, with care and respect."

Carole, South Carolina

"This Wellness Coaching certification course has rearranged my inner framework for understanding and integrating knowledge related to the meaning of real health and well-being. As an international educator, transformational life coach and yoga teacher for children, I was given great tools for creating my own wellness programs to suit my clients' needs, for facilitating personal and professional empowerment using an inside-out approach, and for enhancing my own awareness of growth in all areas of life. I highly recommend this training to everyone interested in going further with wellness coaching or simply wishing to enhance their whole life experience with this powerful knowledge."

Cezarina Trone, B. Sc. Ed, CPC
Transformational life coach & visionary educator

"Thanks for making the course not only educational but fun. I learned so much about myself as well as the wellness program. It will forever change my life."

Hazel Martinez, RN

"Did you happen to see the movie 'As Good as it Gets' with Jack Nicholson? I remember a quote from the film when Nicholson's character says to the woman he'd fallen in love with 'You make me want to be a better man'. Something similar rings in my ears this evening, in the sense that both of you have spirits that inspire me to grow into something bigger, some larger aspect of myself. Thank you both for that! This is a deeply important class and I am really thankful."

Lori Boothroyd, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
Traverse City, MI

"I had a wonderful time learning, practicing and sharing during my recent wellness class. Not only the learning came from two awesome instructors, a great curriculum and structure but also from the well-educated and knowledgeable classmates; the telephone class instruction was set up in a nurturing and safe environment. All in all I got up to date information on overall wellness with easy to implement action steps that have made a great difference in my life. The wellness inventory web site tools are like no other I've seen for coaches and clients alike."

Margarita Cramer Oceanside, CA

"While I expected to learn about wellness from a professional standpoint, I was blown away by the personal gains I made in my understanding and appreciation for how the 12 dimensions of wellness play out in my own life. The learning that I did in this class strongly supported my ability to make a number of significant changes in how I address my sense of wellness. I know that the enthusiasm that I feel about my new found sense of wellness will be easily communicated to future coaching clients."

Keith Greer
Family Therapist, Life Coach
Penfield, NY



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University program based on the Wellness Inventory receives American College Health Association award for innovation in student Wellness.
"a foundational wellness tool"
Stanford Research Institute

What is the new vision?

  • Illness-Wellness Continuum
  • Iceberg Model of Health
  • Wellness Energy System

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    Become a Certified Wellness Inventory Coach or Facilitator. Learn to effectively use the Wellness Inventory whole person assessment and life balance program with clients, patients, employees, and students. Learn our unique wellness coaching skill-set for supporting continual improvement.

    Approved transition program for national certification of health and wellness coaches.

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